Innovation friendly, plain language, resource efficient lawyering for everything open.


Legal advice that understands the shift to Open.

Open Counsel has worked with open businesses, open development initiatives, tech development communities and networks to:

  • Start new enterprises;
  • Make strategic use of open licenses and protocols, open data, open standards;
  • Create supportive legal environments for innovation through enabling licences, contracts, policies, employment policies and public documents;
  • Keep open standards open;
  • Advocacy for legal reform;
  • Research on open development;
  • Research on open technology transfer.

Open Counsel works with lawyers as a specialist consultancy.

How we work

Clients can expect us to:

  • use open to enable clients to innovate,faster and further
  • use virtual legal office technology to serve clients around the world
  • use plain language; you should be understand your own legal documents.
  • maximise resources; clients don't just pay for a service but can also add resources created to a pool of free legal resources.
  • focus on solutions; it is about problems solved, not billable hours.